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Why Anonymous might not be so anonymous - TODAY News - TODAY.com: "Yet some neophyte hackers may rely entirely on certain versions of LOIC, which do little to shield identities of those who downloaded the software.
The fact that LOIC was cited repeatedly in the federal indictment for the 14 hackers arrested Tuesday in the US suggests to some security experts that key organizers may not yet have been arrested. The hacker handles and real names of suspected ringleaders who are not yet arrested have emerged – outed by rival hacker groups like the A-Team or the Jester, purportedly a former US military computer expert.
'Anonymous and LulzSec are groups that inspire bravado and get people interested in causing damage,' Mr. O'Leary says. 'Someone may just download a tool, but they don't understand the grand scheme of things. They're maybe not really hackers, just people with enough knowledge to get themselves in trouble.'"

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