[Video] Stripe CTF 2.0 (Web Edition)

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Watch video on-line: http://blip.tv/g0tmi1k/stripe-ctf-2-0-6333435
Download video: http://www.mediafire.com/?1u1pmudy7115t17

Stripe hosted another 'Capture the Flag' (CTF) event. They previously did one back in February 2012 which contained 6 flags - however they were back with the 'web edition' going from level 0 to level 8 covering a range of web attacks. This is how I did it.

Please note: The event is now over. If you wish to do this yourself, you will have to download the code and do it offline.


Excelente trabajo el de g0tmilk

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Ike dijo...

Alucinante, he flipado desde el principio, yo seguramente no habría pasado de la segunda fase =(
Menudo Crack! =)

Gracias por compartirlo y animo con el blog Zerial!